Energy Audit

An energy audit or feasibility study is vital before embarking on a major capital upgrade or installation to reduce power bills. By doing this, you identify a number of costed measures to discover the most effective technology and approaches to help you save.

While we specialise in undertaking commercial audits, we also execute residential audits where energy costs are excessively high. What’s more, our audits are modestly priced. This is to ensure all options are considered in advance and prior to committing to an upgrade. This ensures you get the best “bang for buck” and allows you to prioritise your investment strategy.

Each audit takes a holistic approach, drawing from many years of experience in energy efficiency and renewables. This assesses whether measures are financially viable and technically/practically deliverable.

Energy audits include the following:

  1. Energy data analysis, from interval data if available, and data logging if not.
  2. A site inspection to identify all energy consuming plant and equipment.
  3. Liaising with key stakeholders to determine the facility program and typical run hours of plant and equipment.
  4. A costed feasibility report identifying practical and viable energy saving measures, including their associated savings and payback.
  5. Financial analysis to include net present value and internal rate of return of the recommended energy saving measures.
  6. Finance options through green leasing arrangements.
  7. A summary of the key energy saving measures in order of priority.

Audits are undertaken in reference to Australian Standards – AS/NZS 3598.2:2014.