Vision, Mission, and Goals

Sol Energy focuses on the basics while embracing new technologies and approaches, to develop a built environment that is beautiful, sustainable and good for the soul.

We have solutions for difficult problems and are enthusiastically focused on ensuring our built environment is designed and built to constantly improve our quality of life. Ultimately, we strive to minimise the impact on our finite planet.

Whether you are serious about minimising your footprint, or simply want to decrease your business costs, our approach is simple.

By being smarter we have the ability to simultaneously improve our quality of life or business bottom line, as we lessen the impact on the planet.

Every kWh of electricity saved in Australia counts.

Australians live a very carbon intensive life compared to most other nations. By making a few small changes we can greatly reduce this impact and save you money in the process. It’s a win for the planet and a win for your pocket!

Sol Energy Team


Simon McKay – Director

Qualifications: Master in Science – Architecture, Energy, and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Built Environment – Architectural Design

Skills: Passive design, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and general sustainability advice; Energy Audits, Monitoring and Demand Management; sustainable building design.


Cameron Sherriff – CEC solar Accredited Installer and Designer

Qualifications: CEC Solar Accredited Installer and Designer

Skills: installation of hundreds of domestic and commercial solar systems of various sizes up to 90 kW in capacity including micro-inverters, optimised and standard string inverters, monitoring systems.


Nelson Manonella – Energy Consultant

Qualifications: Diploma of Sustainability, Sustainable Business Practices.

Skills: Project Management, Solar scoping, Energy Efficiency, Climate change


Jessica Heathfield – Office Administration

Qualifications: Certificate III in Business Medical Administration

Skills: Computer systems and IT components, Computer software (Xero, Simpro, RxWorks, Medical Director, Case Manager, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Organisation and Time Management. Passion for helping people and animals.


Guru Muralidhar – Engineer (Automation)

Qualifications: Master of Science -Software Systems, Bachelor of Engineering –  Instrumentation Technology

Skills: Project Management, VSD programming, Software engineering, System Integration, System and Network migration, SCADA and IIoT.

Andres Rodriguez – Renewable Energy Analyst

Qualifications: Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

Skills: Data Analysis, feasibility studies, maximum demand, cost/saving analysis, solar grid and off-grid connected solutions, network tariff structure optimisation (B2R, Agreed, Actual Demand).