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There is enormous potential to reduce your energy costs through commercial energy innovations. However rapid change in government policy, technology, incentives and tariffs means that making the most of these opportunities needs specialist expertise. Sol Energy’s customised, turnkey solutions offer new horizons for energy- intensive businesses. Our innovative and comprehensive approach provides you with the independence needed to reduce grid reliance and optimise energy efficiency.

Our Business Energy
Solutions Are...

Energy Consulting

An experienced consultant can ensure your energy solutions are serving your needs while generating maximum ROI. Sol Energy offers flexible consultancy services, including energy audits, feasibility studies, energy contract, network charges, and lighting and solar design.

Energy Consultancy

Our trained consultants conduct
comprehensive energy audits designed to:

  • Identify energy efficiency and costsaving opportunities
  • Assess feasibility for renewables
  • Reduce energy demand
  • Calculate load profiles and tariff structures

Feasibility Studies

Identify clear measures for controlling your business’ energy consumption. Our feasibility studies cover:

  • Solar PV system modelling and sizing
  • System designs and layouts
  • Solar thermal
  • Heat pumps
  • Consumption logging
  • Financial analysis

Energy Generation

Seize the opportunity to access onsite energy generation. The Sol Energy team can assess your commercial site and propose unique options for energy generation and storage options that offset your energy costs.

Solar Generation

Sol’s innovative solar options offer business owners a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing reliance on grid power
  • Reducing operating expenditure
  • Appropriately- sized battery and panel systems
  • Maximising capital expenditure opportunities
  • Tax write- off opportunities

Diesel Generation

Many commercial businesses rely on diesel for stable operations. Sol Energy’s diesel generators help ensure:

  • Reliable access to power
  • Reduced energy expenditure
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Energy Efficiency

Sol Energy specialises in energy efficiency. Our bespoke solutions ensure your business can operate effectively while offering impressive cost- saving benefits and future- proofing against a constantly- changing market.

Personalised efficiency solutions

We offer a wide range of other solutions to reduce your energy costs, including:

  • Power factor correction
  • Variable frequency drives
  • System automation

Lighting Design

Lighting design and lighting efficiency play pivotal roles in enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of spaces, making them crucial considerations in commercial settings. With our IES accreditation we have the specialised experience necessary to design, install, and optimise your building.
  • Longevity and Cost Savings: Efficient lighting fixtures tend to have longer lifespans, reducing replacement costs and maintenance efforts.
  • Energy Conservation: Efficient lighting design can significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Visual Comfort: Thoughtful lighting design ensures that spaces are well-lit without causing glare or discomfort, promoting a conducive environment for productivity and wellbeing.
  • Safety and Security: Adequate outdoor and indoor lighting improves safety by reducing the risk of accidents and detering untoward activities. This provides you peace of mind that your people and assets are safe and secure at all times.
  • Environmental Impact: Sustainable lighting choices, such as LED technology, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving natural resources.

Incorporating these aspects into your lighting design not only elevates the overall quality of your space but also positively impacts your budget, the environment, and the well-being of those who inhabit it. Embracing lighting efficiency is a sustainable choice that pays dividends in various ways.

Energy Security

Sol Energy can accurately and extensively assess energy security risks on commercial sites. Our comprehensive solutions help firm up your energy supply and offer value beyond just a backup system.

Sol’s energy risk reduction solutions include:

  • Battery backup systems
  • Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
  • Diesel generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS)

Energy Management

Comprehensive energy management can bolster operational processes, improve energy self- sufficiency, and reduce expenditure. At Sol Energy, we offer energy management through three key processes: monitoring, automation, and our Energy Management Program.

Energy Management Program (EMP)

Your outsourced partner for current and future needs EMP streamlines your entire energy procurement, consumption, and management processes while substantially reducing your overall energy spending.

Specifically designed for energy- intensive businesses, the EMP creates strategies and delivers projects for current and future cost- saving projects.

We conduct regular site visits to monitor results and refine processes while becoming the single point of contact for all your energy needs.

As your technical advisor, Sol Energy supports you through:

  • Network tariff analysis and revision to ensure you aren’t being charged more than you should be
  • Energy retailer brokerage to ensure you are getting the best pricing and benefits
  • Energy upgrade strategies
  • Energy cost- saving measures
  • Engineering and design
  • Project delivery and support
  • Documentation preparation

Energy Storage

It’s not just off-grid premises that benefit from reliable energy storage. As a business owner, you know that unexpected disruptions can harm your productivity, reputation, and bottom line. With in-house electricians and engineers, Sol Energy’s robust energy storage solutions empower you to minimise your reliance on energy providers, take control of your consumption, and reap the financial benefits of efficient energy usage.

Whether you’re looking to back-up business activity, capacity firming and augmentation, or a combination of solar, batteries, generators, and automation to maximise your business’ capacity, our team is here to provide industry-leading storage solutions and continued post-installation support.

Hear Sol Energy’s Director talk on energy efficiency for dairies.

Your Energy Journey

Site inspection and feasibility

Your system needs to give you effective results. We conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of your site for the best outcomes. This includes energy consumption data, energy pricing, site location and other factors. Our engineers speak your language, making the process both straightforward and effective.

Solution design

Sol Energy’s experienced engineers design a solution that meets your business energy requirements. Whether your goal is to reduce waste, improve efficiency, save on costs, capitalise on tax benefits, or improve your green rating, we have a solution. Depending on the project’s scope, these solutions may include rooftop solar, solar car parks and storage solutions.


Our in- house team conducts all installations, ensuring the system delivers on expectations and that you have a smooth experience. We only use the highest quality panels and components guaranteed to last.

Monitoring and maintenance

Each system has in- built monitoring to guarantee its performance and longevity. Depending on your package, you can also choose reporting and maintenance to closely track and safeguard the effectiveness of your solution. With the support of Sol Energy, you will be well- placed to thrive in the ever- evolving energy market.

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Satisfied Clients

Ben Michalik

There was no question too difficult for them to answer and were more than happy to spend long lengths of time to ensure I was comfortable and understood the answer. Their installation team was polite and professional with a brilliant installation.

Rebecca Morisset

From quote stage to installation we have nothing but praise for Sol Energy. The team that carried out the installation were highly professional, polite and respectful of us and our home. We would highly recommend Sol Energy to anyone considering solar.

Joaquín Giner

We strongly recommend Sol Energy. We installed a 7 kWh battery. The inverter had some issues and the company was there the whole time monitoring our system and checking possible issues. They decided to replace it and now everything works perfectly. Great team and very professional.

Hayley Morton

We were impressed with Nelson’s knowledge of products, the way he explains everything so that it is easy to understand, and the professionalism of the installation team.

Josh Morrison

I have had Sol Energy install for me, both 5.9kW systems with large battery backup. The installation was excellent and the system is exceeding our expectations.

Nick Mercure

Great providers of solar and other services. Extremely knowledgeable staff who provide a very high level of customer service. Strongly recommend.

Adele Hunt

We were very happy it was a quick and painless installation, any issues we had after were quickly sorted and addressed. Thank you Sol Energy for your great support.