Battery Storage

Storage Solutions

  • Would you like to benefit from a further reduction of your power bills?
  • Are you unwilling to risk the cost to your business of a power outage?
  • Would you like to have the security offered by backup power?
  • Are you looking to reduce your demand for power from the grid?
  • Do you value the potential for renewable energy generation and reduction of your carbon footprint?
  • Are you considering going off-grid?

As the cost of grid power continues to rise, more efficient and cost-effective methods of storage are being devised and improved. During the day, excess energy exported to the grid reduces your business’s power bills. Once the sun goes down and your system no longer produces energy, however, buying power from the grid can be very costly. Battery storage is designed to target this problem. Your home or business will rely less on the grid through the ability to draw on energy generated and stored during the day.

The type and design of your energy storage system will depend on your specific needs and the size of your business. Sol Energy will examine your consumption patterns and explore different scenarios that will affect the capabilities of your system.


  • one of the best lithium-ion solar home batteries
  • Lighter than competitors; the average weight of LG Chem is 85kg, Fronius average of 108kg and Powerwall 2 average of 120kg.
  • wall-mounted or floor-standing
  • LG’s RESU battery storage solution can be paired with a solar panel system and an AC or and DC type inverter (Solar Edge superior inverter’s technology).

Save thousands of dollars over the life of your battery with the newSA’s Home Battery Scheme“. A small battery providing 5kWh of storage can receive up to a $3000 subsidy, while a battery with 10kWh storage can receive up to $6000. 

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