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If your business can afford to pay its power bills, there is an excellent opportunity to incorporate solar power. Even a large business or industrial site will be free from worry about having to bear a huge initial outlay, as the power bills will give immediate evidence of significant savings.

Sol Energy offers considerable opportunities for businesses operating during daylight hours as well as outside this window, as any business will have different needs according to its operating hours. Even though solar energy is generated during periods of daylight, coupling solar PV with other alternatives could secure significant ongoing savings and/or minimise overall energy costs.

As rising power costs continue to be a major concern, we will find the most effective ways in which you can reduce your power costs through self-generated solar power. These opportunities arise through sizing a system that will maximise self-consumption of solar power, optimising your savings and return on investment.

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We will:

  • Conduct a site investigation
  • Compile consumption data and assess load profiles
  • Identify opportunities for more efficient energy use
  • Break down tariff structures and network charges
  • Design an optimally-sized system
  • Use only proven high-quality panels and components
  • Engage experienced and appropriately accredited installers
  • Liaise with both SAPN (in S.A.) and your retailer
  • Follow up all queries and provide post-installation support

We offer:

  • A feasibility study to assess your needs
  • ROI analysis and system sizing report
  • Solar power systems designed to meet site’s specific needs
  • Smart controls
  • Superior system monitoring packages
  • Maximised opportunities for self-consumption
  • Superior warranties
  • Various finance options through third parties (monthly instalments with no deposit required)


Operation and Maintenance services

We provide operation and maintenance support of Solar systems for residential and commercial solar installations. The service includes regular remote monitoring of the site performance, diagnosis, and rectification of faults, liaising and co-ordinating with product manufacturers for warranty and support, quarterly and annual periodic verification and maintenance of the system, regulatory and compliance reporting as applicable, responding to call outs for services.

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