Solar Hot Water

Hot Water Systems

Heating water is a major factor in the energy costs of households and many businesses. Why pay to heat water when you can use solar power for free? A solar water heater will bring significant savings on your energy use (up to 80% of your heating bill) and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar water heating systems use a heat collector, generally mounted on the roof, in which a heat-transfer fluid is heated by the sun. This fluid is used to heat up the water stored in either a separate hot water cylinder or a twin coil hot water cylinder inside the building.

We design and install quality evacuated tube collectors with storage tanks for commercial, industrial and domestic premises.

Heat Pumps

Renewable energy can also be used to heat water without the need for solar panels. A heat pump can help you reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions, with relatively low purchase and installation costs.

Given the significant reduction in energy requirements, heat pumps are much more efficient than units powered by electricity. The substantial rebates available make them a very affordable and economical option.

Thermal Hot Water

Solar thermal hot water utilises excess solar energy to heat water. It is an effective way to boost your self-consumption and maximise your investment in solar PV, while reducing the need to draw power from the grid and allowing you to store energy even more cost-effectively than a battery.

Instead of allowing solar power to be exported back to the grid, a power diverter is used to divert this energy into water tanks. In addition to supplying your site with hot water, you can divert power to swimming pool pumps, solar batteries, air conditioning units and other appliances and systems. In the best-case scenario, 100% of your solar power can be utilised onsite.

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