Our rural solutions (solar, desalination plants, containerized off-grid) are designed to minimise the cost of pumping power for both water transfer and reverse osmosis desalination.

Solar Desalination

Many farmers are utilising reverse osmosis (RO) desalination to meet their stock water needs. We offer a packaged solar-powered solution, configured with some form of renewable energy. Our systems enable availability of water in remote areas of your property, where the brackish nature would require intensive RO treatment.

Heat Pumps

Solar power offers a cost-effective and reliable pumping option for your dams, bores and water transfer needs.

Renewable energy can be used to heat water without the need for solar panels. A heat pump can help you reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions, with relatively low purchase and installation costs.

Given the significant reduction in energy requirements, heat pumps are much more efficient than units powered by electricity. The substantial rebates available make them a very affordable and economical option.

Integrated Solar Pumping and Storage

Our integrated systems allow for a simple installation with no additional structure beyond the tank itself, incorporating innovative tank design with integrated solar array framing mounts. A large quantity of water is used for ballast in the bottom of the tank to securely fix the solar array.

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