Energy Efficiency

Carefully selected energy efficiency upgrades offer a fantastic way to minimise energy costs through reducing your energy consumption charges and maximum demand charges. Targeted energy efficient system solutions can offer a short return on investment (typically two to five years on domestic jobs, and two to ten years on commercial projects), helping your business to improve its profitability through lower operating costs.

Our services include system solutions such as:

  • Low-energy electric lighting upgrades and controls
  • Low-energy motors and controllers for fans and pumps
  • Efficient heating and hot water systems
  • Efficient air conditioning
  • Efficient refrigeration and controls
  • Solar hot water
  • Power factor correction
  • Peak demand management
  • Energy savings
  • Energy monitoring and management systems
  • Fabric improvements (insulation and airtightness)
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Daylighting (incorporating windows and skylights)

We assess every home or business independently and offer a holistic approach to improve your energy systems and find a solution perfect for you. We work closely with you after completion of the upgrades to help modify user behaviour for the best possible results. We will also help review and quantify the actual savings to verify that systems have been correctly installed and commissioned.

With our many years of experience and a number of suitably qualified and experienced tradespeople available, we can efficiently deliver real energy savings to your business or household.

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