Sol Energy’s consulting services provide clients with support tailored to their needs. Our engagement model is varied and flexible, incorporating services ranging from energy audits and feasibility studies to turnkey energy upgrade solutions.

We are recognised for our technical expertise, the solutions we have delivered and the contributions we have made to energy efficiency programs benefiting commercial, residential, industry, agriculture, hospitality and council.

We offer consulting on a wide range of energy use, providing comprehensive reports with detailed information on site-specific design, strategies and solutions:

Energy Audits

  • assessment of energy efficiency & renewable energy opportunities
  • demand reduction
  • tariff structures
  • load profiles
  • government grants & rebates
  • savings, payback & energy reduction calculations

Feasibility Studies

  • system modelling & sizing
  • design & layout plans
  • consumption & financial analysis
  • financing options

Electricity Bill Analysis

  • assessment of optimal tariff structure
  • maximum cost effectiveness

Engineering and Design

  • energy monitoring
  • solar PV design, analysis & ROI
  • efficient lighting design
  • demand management strategies
  • integrated PV solutions
  • off-grid design
  • Ecological Sustainable Design (ESD)

Other Consulting

  • presentations
  • technical project management & advice

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