The type and design of your energy storage system will depend on your specific needs and the size of your business. Sol Energy will examine your consumption patterns and explore different scenarios that will affect the capabilities of your system. Our preferred options include:


Sonnen offers cutting-edge German design with more than 20,000 systems installed around the world.

The South Australian Home Battery Scheme will assist households to purchase a Sonnen storage system through a combination of direct subsidy and low-interest loans.

Sonnen is also investing in the South Australian community by building a manufacturing facility in Adelaide.


  • The sonnenBatterie is intelligent, long-lasting and economical.
  • Reliably supplies energy during the night using the stored solar power generated during the day.
  • Offers single phase, three phase and hybrid solutions, AC and DC coupled.
  • Storage size varies between 5 kWh and 15 kWh (expandable in steps of 2.5 kWh).
  • The Sonnen hybrid storage can also be paired with a solar panel system and an AC or and DC type inverter. However, this battery system will be available later in the first quarter of 2019 (Sonnen can be coupled with Solar Edge, which offers superior inverter technology).



LG Electronics offers great high-efficiency solar panels, and their sister company LG Chem offers one of the best lithium-ion solar batteries.

For existing inverters that aren’t compatible with Sonnen batteries, LG Chem is a great alternative, powering up to 9.8 kWh storage solutions for 48V and 400V inverters.



LG Chem

  • One of the best lithium-ion solar home batteries
  • Lighter than competitors; the average weight of LG Chem is 85kg, Fronius an average of 108kg and Powerwall 2 an average of 120kg.
  • Wall-mounted or floor-standing
  • LG’s RESU battery storage solution can be paired with a solar panel system and an AC or and DC type inverter (LG Chem can be coupled with Solar Edge, which offers superior inverter technology).



Save thousands of dollars over the life of your battery with the newSA Home Battery Scheme. A small battery providing 5kWh of storage can receive a subsidy of up to $3000, while a battery with 10kWh storage can receive up to $6000. 

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Sol Energy proudly supports The Industry Advocate’s South Australian Product Register initiative.

We supply and install solar PV, battery storage and other solutions. Our installers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and only official equipment listed by the CEC is offered to our customers.

Sol Energy focuses on getting the basics right, while embracing new technologies and strategies, to deliver solutions and value to our clients.

We work closely with residential and commercial owners to provide them with the most cost-effective solutions for their unique needs.

As of October 2018, the government is funding a $100 million home battery scheme aimed at reducing the price of electricity for South Australian households. 40,000 homes will benefit from lower electricity costs with the installation of a battery. Demand on the network will also be reduced, especially at peak periods, which lowers costs for everyone in the state.

A small battery providing 5kWh of storage can receive a subsidy of up to $3000, while a battery with 10kWh storage can receive up to $6000. You will save thousands of dollars over the life of your battery.

The scheme will allow many homeowners and renters to enjoy the significant benefits (reduced power bills, energy efficiency and security) offered by this method of energy storage. It will also contribute to South Australia’s growing reputation as a global leader in the effective management of solar energy.

For those on a Feed-in Tariff, installation of a battery may affect their eligibility to continue to benefit from the tariff. Some will retain their Feed-in Tariff for the solar energy they export, although storing the energy would reduce costs.

For more information: http://www.energymining.sa.gov.au/energ…/home_battery_scheme

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Storage Solutions

  • Would you like to benefit from a further reduction of your power bills?
  • Are you unwilling to risk the cost to your business of a power outage?
  • Would you like to have the security offered by backup power?
  • Are you looking to reduce your demand for power from the grid?
  • Do you value the potential for renewable energy generation and reduction of your carbon footprint?
  • Are you considering going off-grid?

As the cost of grid power continues to rise, more efficient and cost-effective methods of storage are being devised and improved. During the day, excess energy exported to the grid reduces your business’s power bills. Once the sun goes down and your system no longer produces energy, however, buying power from the grid can be very costly. Battery storage is designed to target this problem. Your home or business will rely less on the grid through the ability to draw on energy generated and stored during the day.


Sol Energy is very excited to become an Authorised Sonnen Partner with Service and Installation certification.

Sonnen systems are a safe, clever, high-tech solar home storage system designed in Germany and manufactured locally (from November 2018) at the old Holden car manufacturing site in Elizabeth, South Australia.

We are glad to support local manufacturing and the future of renewables in our state.