Solar PV Rural

Our rural solar offer is targeted to minimise the cost of pumping power for both water transfer and reverse osmosis desalination.

Solar Desalinisation

With many farmers turning to reverse osmosis desalination to meet their stock water needs, we have partnered with an Australian reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plant manufacturer to offer a packaged solar powered  RO turnkey Solar RO solution. These systems enable water to be available in remote areas of your property, where the brackish nature would require the energy intensive RO plant to treat. The energy costs of RO should not be underestimated and should always be configured with some form of renewable energy.

Solar Pumping

Solar pumping is available and offers a cost effective and reliable pumping option for your dams, bores and water transfer needs.

Integrated Solar Pumping and Storage

The innovative tank design, with its integrated solar array framing mounts, allows for a simple installation with no additional structure, other than the tank. The design ensures a minimum of two tonnes of water is used for ballast in the bottom of the tank to securely fix the solar array.