Solar PV Residential

The rooftop solar PV revolution has prompted the state government to wind back the generous feed-in-tariffs (FiT) leaving many homeowners wondering if they have missed the boat with solar. Firstly, it is not too late!

With the FiT now phased out, correctly sizing your solar system will ensure the best return on investment. Those happy to contribute to the renewable energy revelation can continue to install as much solar PV as they can fit or afford. However, those that are interested in maximising their Return on Investment (ROI), correctly sizing your array is now imperative with the phasing out of FiT as the excess electricity generated and exported to the grid will now receive approximately 8 cents per kWh payment from your energy provider.

To help understand the impact, we have developed modelling tools that use your energy data to model the optimal size array dependent on your specific energy consumption and usage profile. This helps us provide superior advice when recommending a system capacity to maximise your savings. Getting you the best “bang for buck” is our goal, not overselling. Typically most systems will provide a ROI of more than 25%. This is much better than money in the bank, even if you need to borrow the money to proceed. Most importantly, this return increases every time there is an increase in your electricity tariff.

What is a correctly sized solar system?

In our opinion, a correctly sized system is one that is designed to meet as much of your daily consumption as practical, while avoiding excessive export of electricity.

Why is this important?

The solar power that is generated from your array will always be used onsite first, where there is a demand. When meeting this demand from solar, for example, for your air conditioner, you avoid paying your energy retailer this portion of your electricity. This avoids a typical fee of 30-40 cents/kWh for each unit of electricity. This is a significant saving, far greater than what you are paid if you export electricity at approximately 8 cents/kWh.

The ‘better “bang for buck” is’ installing an appropriately sized system with the aim of self-consumption.

How can we help?

All Sol Energy’s systems are designed with the aim of self-consumption, specific to your site and energy needs. For a modest fee of $150, we are happy to undertake a feasibility study for your specific site and needs. This fee is discounted from the price of the system if you proceed to install a Sol Energy system.

The independent study will provide ROI analysis and a system sizing report. This will help you decide on a system that will maximise your ROI (assuming quality components) and provide enough information for you to get quotes from an informed position and avoid being oversold by influential solar sales people.