Renewable Energy

Renewable energy offers a safe zero emission energy source, infinitely available. Well designed and installed systems can contribute significantly to reducing your reliance on heavily polluting fossil fuel energy sources, while reducing energy costs.

Whether you are concerned about the environment, the future of our children, or simply trying to improve and reduce the constantly increasing energy costs, there has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy.

Sol Energy offers the highest quality system solutions. Our preferred offering includes the installation of German and Australian manufactured products.

A large range of competitively priced equipment can be supplied. We will, however, always advocate the highest quality system is installed within the budget available.

Installing cheap inferior products makes your system more susceptible to component failure and may limit, or drastically reduce, the long-term savings you would expect from your system.

Despite living in a throw-away society, investing in a renewable energy system is a long term investment that should buck this trend. A quality, long lasting equipment is far more sustainable over the long term.


Products we endorse include the following: