With the price of electricity, water and gas spiralling, the need to minimise consumption of electricity is paramount. At Sol Energy, we believe information is key to good decisions. We thrive on passing our knowledge of sustainable and low energy solutions to meet your business’ needs. We do not just push one technology or strategy; we strive to understand your specific needs by thoroughly undertaking the appropriate feasibility study or audit. This ensures we provide you with the best information to meet your goals in a low energy, minimal impact context.

Through our consultation, we undertake detailed audits and feasibility studies focusing on feasibility and system solution recommendations; High priority is return on investment (ROI) and payback analysis (NPV and IRR), financing options, government grants and rebates, monitoring and savings verification.

Sol Energy consulting services include:

  1. SA Power Networks commercial Demand Tariff analysis
  2. Energy audits
  3. Feasibility studies – for a range of energy efficiency, demand management and battery storage and renewable energy options
  4. Ecological Sustainable Design (ESD)
  5. PassivHaus advice
  6. IAQ and building energy related research